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Prog rock
          Cd935.gif (1106 bytes) Frank Zappa - Broadway the Hard Way Broadway revue-style comic dissection of the contemporary American cultural and political scene, with Frank Zappa naming names - Jimmie Swaggart, Pat Robertson, Oliver North, George Bush and Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms and Michael Jackson - and Ike Willis's Sammy Davis impression. Nasty and funny.

Best books of the 20th Century

Yevgeny ZAMYATIN - We
A classic of SF


          Robert C. O'Brien - Z for Zachariah [Recommended to young adults]

Z for... A gripping and suspenceful story about life after a nuclear holocaust.  The author leads us into a cliff-hanger ending. Does sixteen-year-old Ann find any more people or she's the only person left alive after the nuclear war?


           Zappa, Frank: Baby Snakes (1979)      DVD

Baby Snakes might be the only legitamite release to contain any good live Zappa on film. The band is excellent, also if some highlights include Frank's soloing on black napkins muffin man and punk'y whip. The last hour of gig material is the cream of this product.
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