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Kitchen & Housewares

 Portable Arm-Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

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Accurate arm-cuff monitor by Sharper Image. Automatically stores your last 30 readings with date and time stamp to make it easy for you and your doctor to track your progress.

Science books

Our Cosmic Habitat by Martin J. Rees



Tawni O'Dell - Back Roads O'Dell - Back Roads

An edgy, gritty and urbanly realistic novel. "O'Dell's novel deftly captures the voice of a teenage boy who's in trouble and facing profound challenges..." (The New York Times Book Reviews) Harley is such a lovable character, beautifully realised and startlingly portrayed. The landscape of Western Pennsylvania is the perfect backdrop for a chilling yet irresistable story.


Joyce Carol Oates - Blonde Blonde, by Joyce Carole Oates

Joyce Carol Oates is one of the great writers living today. Her last novel, Blonde, is a biography and a mystery novel. It's the (sad and shocking) story of the real woman behind the mythological creature called Marilyn Monroe.

          O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton

 One Hand Clapping by Anthony Burgess One Hand Clapping, by A. Burgess
Used car salesman Howard Shirley is watching England's most popular high-stakes TV quiz show with his wife, Janet, in their modest provincial house when it strikes him that his freakish "photographic brain" might make them an easy fortune. It also leads to first-class travel, luxury hotels, mink coats...

Best books of the 20th Century

                                     Going After Cacciato by Tim O'Brien

"In October, near the end of the month, Cacciato left the war."

In Tim O'Brien's novel Going After Cacciato the theater of war becomes the theater of the absurd as a private deserts his post in Vietnam, intent on walking 8,000 miles to Paris for the peace talks. The remaining members of his squad are sent after him, but what happens then is anybody's guess: "The facts were simple: They went after Cacciato, they chased him into the mountains, they tried hard..."

Essays, Biographies

          Oedipus the King by Anthony Burgess

Music: International
          Cd935.gif (1106 bytes)Madredeus - O Paraíso: 14 Cancoes Madredeus

The strings are water, the voice is wind. Listening to the record is floating, dancing, swimming, swaying -- all while sitting perfectly still.
          Madredeus - O Espirito Da Paz O Espirito Da Paz

"...Madredeus has taken Europe by quiet storm....Teresa Salguero's gossamer vocals imbue the poetic lyrics with the melancholy nostalgia that the Portuguese call saudade." (Down Beat 5/96)


          Madredeus - O Porto
If traditional New Age music gives you the willies or if you are already a fan of vocalists such as Marta Sebestyen or Enya, Teresa Salgueiro of Madredeus will bewitch you with her velvety-smooth chanteuserie backed by a classical guitar duo, acoustic bass, and sythesizers.
This quintet of Portuguese musicians take their name from their former rehearsal space, a convent whose abbreviated moniker translates loosely as "Mother God" or "Holy Mother."

  Os Dias Da Madredeus
Music from Portugal, the Edge of Europe


                           Official Bootleg Album / Ready Blues Band - The Blues Band


Out of Our Heads  by The Rolling Stones [Original Recording Remastered]       



Orgazmo   (Unrated version) Orgazmo

Director: Trey Parker
Actors: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Ron Jeremy, et al.
Edition Details: VHS
NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only)

South Park cocreator Trey Parker goes straight for the gross-out humor in this live-action farce set in the adult-movie industry. It's a low-budget farce about a young Mormon on a mission who winds up being recruited to star in a porno movie being shot in L.A. A bit raunchy, but fun-spirited and not at all exploitative. Extra-bonus Kung Fu scenes and funky music. Trey Parker as "Elder Young" is excellent. NC-17 rated.

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