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 Portable Arm-Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

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Accurate arm-cuff monitor by Sharper Image. Automatically stores your last 30 readings with date and time stamp to make it easy for you and your doctor to track your progress.

Falco (dead 1998) - Greatest Hits
We show here the cover of a CD now out of stock

                Brian Ferry - As Time Goes By

              Ibrahim Ferrer - Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer I. Ferrer

Today's rock

          Frente - Marvin the Album

                    Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left To Lose

Classic and prog rock

 Fleetwood MacRumours Fleetwood Mac
A legendary album.


Flowers   by The Rolling Stones [Original Recording Remastered]       

                    Genesis - Foxtrot Genesis - Foxtrot [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]

This album, with the 23 minutes long epic "Supper's Ready", is a spectacular example of the visionary nature of 70's symphonic rock. From 1969 to 1975 the style of Genesis was driven by the acoustic based guitar ideas of Anthony Phillips (even though Phillips quit after Trespass was recorded, his guitar style would be used by the band for the next five albums). Each of the albums from this period (Trespass, Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Live, Selling England By The Pound) has its own unique character and brilliance, with keyboardist Tony Banks emerging more and more as the new dominant musical force within the band. Genesis = pure magic. Absolute "must".

Best authors of the 20th Century

          DARIO FO      1997 Nobel Prize winner

                   Dario Fo's Plays: 1

                   Dario Fo's Plays: 2

                    The Tricks of the Trade

                   The Pope and the Witch

George MacDonald FRASER: Flashman

Macdonald Fraser wrote a series of books following the rise, fall and sidestep of the lovable misogynist, blackguard, cheater, liar, adulterer and above all coward 19th Century Englishman named Harry Flashman. The reader is offered an humorous account of London Society and the British military.

Flashman Flashman: From the Flashman Papers, 1839-1842

Flashman Royal Flash

                        Flashman for Freedom George MacDonald Fraser aids Flashman in his rewriting of 19th Century history and teases us with glimpses of the famous (Lincoln, Harriet Beecher Stowe) while reminding us of the horrors of the slave trade.

 Flashman Flashman at the Charge A terrific novel! Where else (in your reading) can you have a rip-roaring good time, yet be encouraged to learn more about the (ludicrous) Crimean War and the Russian expansion into Central Asia? And how Flashman survives the charge of the Light Brigade...

Flashman Flashman and the Redskins Those familiar with the Flashman series by George MacDonald Fraser will vastly enjoy this offering which spans the anti-hero's escapades across the American west in 1849, and again in 1876. Fraser proves himself the master of comedic dialogue, both internal (as Flashy ponders his latest predicament) and with various notables of the period. The terrified Flashman's conversation with the Apache chief Mangas Colorado is one jewel that stands out among the many in this work.

Flashman Flashman and the Dragon One of the benefits of reading George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman books is that, along with top-flight entertainment, you get a thorough grounding in odd bits of historical lore. Of the 10 books in the series thus far, Flashman and the Dragon offers one of the most intriguing settings, and the description of the British sacking of the Summer Palace is memorable.

Flashman Flashman and the Mountain of Light :From the Flashman Papers, 1845-46 

Sir Harry Flashman is back in India, where his saga began. This time, our hero is sent by Her Majesty's Secret Service to spy on the corrupt court of Lahore, on India's Northwest Frontier. Flashy's most challenging exploit yet is as politically shrewd and thoroughly lewd as ever.
For the literati this book's theme is the corrupting influence of power and the difference between heros and villains. For the rest of us, Flashy gives us a good laugh.

Flashman Flashman's Lady In this adventure, Harry is the victim of someone's lust and deviltry for a change--in the form of Suleiman Usman, a half-breed pirate who kidnaps Mrs. Flashman (bugger!) halfway around the world, leading to an epic chase involving a half-mad white rajah and a maniacal Malagasay queen. Fraser's witty prose and flawless research are irresistible.

Flashman Flashman in the Great Game One of literature's most delightful rakes is back in another tale of rollicking adventure and tantalizing seduction. The plucky Flashman's latest escapades are sure to entertain devotees as well as attract new aficionados.


            Apprenticed to Pleasure  Brandon Fox - Apprenticed to Pleasure - An erotic sci-fi novel

"As a musician in Pella's finest brothel, Ander thought he knew all about sex between men. He was wrong. Two visitors, handsome young lovers, draw him irresistibly to a revelation: intense pleasure can be a gateway to magical realms, and sex is the key that opens the gate..." (192 pp.- From Leyland Publications)

  Freeware by Rudy Rucker
"In the twenty-first century, humanity and various artificial life-forms coexist. The heritagists (humans) on earth and the loonie moldies (plastic-based beings) on the moon are both extremists, and each denies the ultimate worth of the other, but for the most part, humans and moldies live in relative peace, at least in Santa Cruz, where Terri and Tre Dietz run a motel with their moldie friends, Monique and Xlotl. . . But no plot summary can do justice to Rucker's apocalyptically cheerful world. Suffice it to say that the loonies try to liberate their moldie siblings on earth, the heritagists try to rid earth of moldies, and everyone tries to control the Perplexing Poultry and the Tessellation Equations to gain power over the other life-forms. Disaster always looms and is occasionally skirted by Rucker's all-too-human (regardless of species) characters. Wacky action gets you tangled in Rucker's yarn, but the brilliance with which he plays with ideas keeps you reading." (Dennis Winters, Booklist)
  The FOURTH DIMENSION: A Guided Tour of the Higher Universe by Rudy Rucker

This book is very informative and educational and will provide insights into higher dimensional spaces not only to the layman, but to researchers hoping to get a better feel for the subject. A well-written book about what a 4D Universe would be like, and delves a bit into Einsteinian spacetime.

Science books

The Five Ages of the Universe: Inside the Physics of Eternity by Fred Adams and Greg Laughlin

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott

The Future of Spacetime by S. W. Hawking (Editor)



filmfilm.gif (1107 bytes) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (DVD) Paura e delirio a Las Vegas

 Johnny Depp, Benicio del Toro, et al.

  Director: Terry Gilliam


Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid

Starring: Gene Wilder, Harrison Ford
Robert Aldrich

              VHS - NTSC format
              Color, HiFi Sound, Digital Sound, NTSC

A sweetly innocent Polish rabbi (Gene Wilder) travels through 1850's America, and forms an uneasy alliance with an inept outlaw bank robber (Harrison Ford). There are few movies that can give you a chuckle when your in a rut and put you in a better mood when your happy - this movie is one of them.


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