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For young adults - The Girl Who Owned a City by O. T. Nelson


    David Gates - Wonders of the Invisible World The Wonders of the Invisible World

Short stories about adultery, alcohol and other drugs, music, literature, domestic isolation, failed writers and other artists, set in isolated rural areas.

      Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier Tracy Chevalier

Nobody knows the identity or the story of the girl in Vermeer's painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring." Novelist Tracy Chevalier invents Griet, a maid newly hired by the Vermeer household. Griet's principle responsibility is to clean the master's studio without moving anything. One day, the master informs the girl that she is to sit for a portrait commissioned by a lecherous customer of the master's art. Complications ensue...

        Grisham    The Brethren by John Grisham

A really exciting book.
Trumble, a minimum security federal prison, home to the usual assortment of criminals - drug dealers, bank robbers, swindlers, embezzlers, tax evaders, two Wall Street crooks, one doctor, at least four lawyers.
And three former judges who call themselves The Brethren: one from Texas, one from California, and one from Mississippi. They meet each day in the law library, their turf at Trumble, where they write briefs, handle cases for other inmates and practice law without a license.

Gap Creek Gap Creek by Robert Morgan

The story of a young couple's life in the beginning years of their marriage, from the poet laureate of Appalachia. "Morgan is among the relatively few American writers who write about work knowledgeably. . . his stripped-down and almost primitive sentences burn with the raw, lonesome pathos of Hank William's best songs." (New York Times Book Review)

           audio.gif (334 bytes)GALILEO'S DAUGHTER Galileo's Daughter [Audio Cassette] unabridged edition

A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love. By Dava Sobel. Narrator: George Guidall.

Galileo Galilei dropped cannonballs off the leaning tower of Pisa, developed the first reliable telescope, and was convicted by the Inquisition for holding a heretical belief--that the earth revolved around the sun. The daughter of the title was Virginia, eldest of Galileo's three illegitimate children. She spent her adult life in the Franciscan convent of San Matteo, near Florence, as Suor Maria Celeste, a name she chose (according to Sobel) "in a gesture that acknowledged her father's fascination with the stars." 
Dava Sobel displays again the talent that made her Longitude so readable.

                        Link to the harcover edition of Galileo's Daughter

          The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw

          Arthur S. Golden - Memoirs of a Geisha

          Sue Grafton - O is for Outlaw

Best books of the 20th Century

          André Gide - The Immoralist

André Gide's The Immoralist was first published in 1902. What was seen then as a story of dereliction, translates today into a tale of introspection and fierce self-discovery.
While traveling to Tunis with his new bride, the Parisian scholar Michel is overcome by tuberculosis. As he slowly convalesces, he revels in the physical pleasures of living...

Science books

Genes, Peoples and Languages by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

*** Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters by Matt Ridley
In a very clever way, the book uses the 23 chromosomes to explain how genes produce personality, diseases, intelligence, traits, defects, longevity and many other aspects of human life. It is an excellent, simple introduction into genetic biology.

God's Equation: Einstein, Relativity, and the Expanding Universe by Amir D. Aczel


Prog rock
         Cd935.gif (1106 bytes)Genesis - Selling England By the Pound Selling England By the Pound

Genesis proved that you can put in 53 minutes of sounds as much music as all the other creators altogether in the 70's decade. Singer Peter Gabriel's heady mixture of dark drama and cryptic commentary is tied to some of the band's most stunning arrangements: Steve Hackett's violin-like guitar melodies on "Firth of Fifth," Tony Banks's synth arpeggios on "The Battle of Epping Forest," and crisp, tight drumming throughout from Phil Collins. Collins makes his Genesis lead vocal debut on the acoustic "More Fool Me."

Selling England By the Pound represents the best progressive rock ever made.

Genesis - Trespass  - Including "Stagnation", "Visions of Angels" and "The Knife".
The second Genesis album was recorded at Trident Studios and produced by John Anthony. Anthony Phillips and drummer John Mayhew leave the band on album completion. It was during the promotion of this record that Peter Gabriel jumped off the stage at Friars Inn and broke his leg, however the trooper continued the gig on his back!
Genesis - Foxtrot  Foxtrot
It was with Foxtrot (1972) that Genesis scored their first major critical success. The grandiose musical ambitions and Gabriel's lyrical conceits and studied Englishness get their best shot here, and the songs, including the anthemic "Supper's Out" and "Watcher of the Skies" (mainstays of the live group), still engage. The album signalled the group's move from cult to chart success in Britain, reaching #12, and led to their first major headline tour, as well as some successful US club dates. Genesis had arrived! 

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Genesis - The Lamb
When it comes to making albums of epic proportions, few rival this magnificent production that a trip the band took to New York City inspired in 1973. The underlying story is of a street kid named Rael who, thanks in part to the realities of big city life, undergoes a weird and mystical transformation. An intense hallucinogenic experience. Containing extended instrumental sections showcasing the extraordinary talents of Tony Banks, Steve Hackett, and Phil Collins, as well as the expressive vocals and often disturbing lyrics of Peter Gabriel, this is the album that located Genesis truly on the map. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is an amazing trip through the imagination.
            Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant

            Gentle Giant - The Power and the Glory

Gentle Giant were formed from the ashes of Simon Dupree and The Big Sound, who had hit the UK Top 10 in 1967 with the psychedelic "Kites". Giant were a more adventurous and idiosyncratic outfit, featuring the Shulman brothers - Derek (vocals), Ray (bass) and Phil (horns) - alongside Gary Green (guitar), Kerry Minnear (keyboards) and Martin Smith (drums).

Their debut LP, Gentle Giant (1970, reissued Mercury 1997), set the tone for an eclectic and complex musical career, boasting eccentric time signatures and a wide range of instrumentation (strings, recorders, saxophones) with a subtle heaviness never far behind. Acquiring The Taste (1971, reissued Mercury 1997) and Three Friends (1972) consolidated the style, gaining them a small but fervent following. The music was a little too eccentric and uncompromising for mass acceptance, though, on the plus side, it avoided the pomp of many of their peers, approaching complicated material with a playful, personal and often humorous touch. 1974's The Power And The Glory actually broke into the US Top 50.

Today's rock

          Garbage - Garbage - Version 2.0 Version 2.0

Modern Classical

    George Gershwin - The George Gershwin Centennial Tribute Gershwin

                             Philip Glass

Philip Glass, along with Steve Reich, La Monte Young, and Terry Riley, helped shape the minimalist movement. His highly recognizable style has won Glass wide critical and commercial acceptance. Glass's music is marked by its repetitions and bright keyboard figures, and he has made important inroads into scoring music for films and unconventional operas.

  Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi

Philip Glass's score to Godfrey Reggio's film Koyaanisqatsi is still as timeless as it was meant to be. Glass's epic score, virtually the only sound in this non-narrative movie, accompanied an exhilarating, wordless meditation of images ranging from expansive, slow-motion landscapes to whirling-dervish city scenes shot using time-lapse techniques. Glass's music was a perfect match. The opening Tibetan chant is still unlike anything Glass has composed.
Philip Glass - Einstein on the Beach
Although Einstein on the Beach is by definition an opera, Philip Glass's most famous work also transcends traditional music categories. Glass avoided all vestiges of plot in the piece and dug deep into his quiver of repetitions to create an artfully unnerving five hours of brilliance. The instrumental ensemble never exceeds five members, playing electric keyboards, saxophones, flutes, and a single violin.
         Philip Glass - La Belle et la Bête

Philip Glass, one of our reigning minimalists, studied under Darius Milhaud and Nadia Boulanger in Paris and his music has always had a quiet Debussy-like character to it. What is amazing is that Glass is one of the minimalists who have made a successful transition into opera (John Adams is the other).

This is an extraordinary retelling of the classic story "The Beauty and the Beast", this time based on the Jean Cocteau film La Belle et la Bete.

Other Works:

          Philip Glass - Music With Changing Parts

         Philip Glass - Glassworks

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