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Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side John Shirley by John Shirley

It's not horror, and it's not science fiction. Black Butterflies is unique.

Best known as one of the founders of cyberpunk for his novel City Come A-Walkin' (1980) and as principal screenwriter of the cult classic film, The Crow, Shirley (Silicon Embrace, 1996) has a reputation as one of the darkest, edgiest, boldest writers around.


                      Bag of Bones  by Stephen King

Billy Straight   Jonathan Kellerman - Billy Straight

Kellerman isn't just an Edgar Award-winning thriller writer, he's a prominent child psychologist, and it shows in Billy Straight.
The hero is a 12-year-old runaway whose sharp mind and straitlaced moral sense make him fit to survive the lurid jungles of Hollywood. One night hiding in Griffith Park, Billy witnesses the butchering of Lisa Ramsey, the cokehead ex-wife of Cart Ramsey, a crummy actor-golfer once busted for pummeling Lisa. Did Cart knife Lisa, or was it his pathetic old football sidekick Greg Balch?

Science books

The Backyard Astronomer's Guide

Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing "Hoax" by Philip C. Plait

Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide by Karl F. Kuhn

*** The Bible According to Einstein: A Scientific Complement to the Holy Bible for the Third Millennium
This book contains everything you might want to know about science but in a biblical format. There are some very nicely written poetic passages.

The Bit and the Pendulum: : From Quantum Computing to M Theory by Tom Siegfried

The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design by Richard Dawkins

The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World by Michael Pollan

*** A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking


Top CDs

      Bananafishbones - Live & Unplugged

         Bananafishbones - Dinosaurs   Bananafishbones CD-Single

      Bananafishbones - Grey Test Hits

The Blues Band - Itchy Feet / Brand Loyalty  Blues Band

The Blues Band - Best of The Blues Band  Blues Band

         The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  Sgt. Pepper

Bowie - Hours David Bowie - Hours The White Duke is truly back! And what a gorgeous homecoming it is. In Hours, he incorporates trip-hop, ambient, synth-pop, glam, and a couple other styles. David Bowie has indeed mastered the art of rejuvenalization and pushing the boundaries of musical genius to infinite dimensions. Another classic from an artist who is still essential.


          David Bowie - Let's Dance

          BORDERLINE - Ry Cooder Ry Cooder's Borderline
When Texas meets World Music

                             Bop Till You Drop - Ry Cooder

          Ry Cooder - Boomer's Story   Great songs and some incredible guitar playing. Including the oldies Dark End of the Street and A Wing and a Prayer.
Boomer's StoryIt's a prime example of the future soundtrack work and the cultural melting pot that Ry Cooder has refined into an ecclectic style all his own. It has some really silky slide work.       


  The Bach Variations. A.Windham Hill Sampler Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Charles Gounod
Performer: Steve Cardenas, Paul McCandless, et al.
Orchestra: Nightnoise, Modern Mandolin Quartet, et al.

            Ludwig van Beethoven - 9th Symphony

Between the Buttons (UK)   by The Rolling Stones [Original Recording Remastered]       
                  Captain Beefheart - The Dust Blows Forward  [BOX SET]

Take early Frank Zappa, take away the avant/classical and substitute it with blues, and that might give you a fair idea of what Captain Beefheart sounds like. Infinitely easier to listen to than transcribe. The band's "tightness" ranges from loose to completely free. Totally unique. Overwhelmingly imaginative. Superb lyrics. A fresh outlook on life, the universe and everything. Captain Beefheart himself (real name: Don van Vliet) is, according to my latest information, retired from music and living out west--the desert in Arizona, if I'm not mistaken.


                    Boston: Third Stage

Music books
  Abbey Road/Let It Be : The Beatles (Classic Rock Albums Series) by Peter Doggett
               Bach, Beethoven and the Boys : Music History As It Ought to Be Taught
David W. Barber, Dave Donald (Illustrator).    Paperback 

Best books of the 20th Century
    Michail BULGAKOVMaster and Margarita

                                                Black Snow

                            World Classics
              Anthony Burgess - A Clockwork Orange
           Julian Barnes - Flaubert's Parrot  
                                                       Vintage Books
                                           Paperback - 190 pages

Best authors of the 20th Century
   Anthony Burgess - The Complete Enderby (4 books in 1)
   The Doctor Is Sick by Anthony Burgess. One of the funniest novels ever written!

   Byrne: A novel by Anthony Burgess (his last one)

The prolific (over 50 books) and protean Burgess (1917-93), author of such amazingly varied fictions as Enderby (1967), Napoleon Symphony (1974), and A Dead Man in Deptford (1995), left this rambunctious 'novel in verse' completed at his death. Borrowing both Byron's ottava rima and the nine-line stanza Spenser employed in The Faerie Queen (and throwing in a few sonnets for good measure), Burgess's anonymous narrator celebrates and regrets the gluttonous life indulged by his Falstaffian subject--an Irish Don Juan if there ever was one. The eponymous Michael Byrne achieves fame as artist, composer, and cocksman as he beds willing women and fathers disgruntled children, surviving political and erotic dangers in Hitler's Germany before disappearing into the Far East, and legend. The "fruits of his insemination'' pursue their own dreams and flee their own demons (one is a priest, another author apocalyptic reunion with their Aged (and Unregenerate) Parent. Punk terrorists and Muslim fanatics bent on dishonoring Dante Alighieri also join in this word-drunk romp, which is distinguished by literally dozens of ingeniously brilliant comic rhymes: SS-men boozily strutting their stuff express "the joy of being drunk and Aryan./Though Hitler was a teetotalitarian,'' and an enlightened defense of the maligned Albert Einstein becomes "How the hell has his Jewishness impaired/The formula E=Mc2?'' It isn't easy to stop quoting.
(Kirkus Reviews , July 15, 1997)

"Completed shortly before his death in 1993, Byrne demonstrates that not only was Burgess's artistry undiminished at the end but it was still growing. Many of his books have an experimental shape, but none is more boldly designed than Byrne, which unfolds in an entirely new form for the verse novel." (Dana Gioia, New York Times)


  braut.gif (11742 bytes) Richard Brautigan - A Confederate General from Big Sur, Dreaming of Babylon,
and The Hawkline Monster
(3 books in 1)
A Confederate General reads like the best of the beat writers, evoking the relationship
Kerouak and Cassidy. Dreaming of Babylon is an unique mystery in the good
tradition of the American "noir". The Hawkline Monster will take you aback. It's the tale
of two professional killers hired to kill a supposed monster...

Author of Armadillo, Star and Bars, Brazzaville Beach, The Blue Afternoon ...

   Brewster's Millions Brewster's Millions

Starring: Richard Pryor, John Candy
Director: Walter Hill

Edition Details:
                     NTSC format, Color

Baseball player Pryor has one month to spend $30 million. A riotus & endearing look at friendship,
greed, snobbery and all that's in between.

                      Blade Runner - The Director's Cut Blade Runner

Starring: Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, et al.
Director: Ridley Scott
Edition Details: DVD
Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only)

Loosely based on Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Ex-cop Roy Batty (Harrison Ford) in 21st-century Los Angeles is forced out of retirement to track
down androids (or "replicants") who have mutinied in space and made their way to our planet.
Seeing their heroic struggle against an inhuman system, Batty ultimately falls in love with one of
them. A spectacular futuristic vision, with Los Angeles as a dark and rainy metropolis...

                                  Blue Collar Blue Collar

   Starring: Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel, Yaphet Kotto
   Director: Paul Schrader

                   DVD - Region 1 encoding
                   Color, Widescreen
                   Commentary by director Paul Schrader and journalist Maitland McDonagh
                   Widescreen anamorphic format

Forgotten Classic that Deserves more props. Pryor, Keitel, and Kotto deliver strong performances as
auto workers who find that it isn't just management ripping them off - it's their own union. Schrader's
directing debut.


                                   Oscar Winners

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