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Essays, Art Work

            X-Ray xr.gif (8195 bytes) by Francois Nars (Photographer), Andre Leon Talley.

X-Ray is not fashion photography: it is a portraiture of style that is meta-fashion.
240 immense color portraits-creations, really-extracting the essence, as with an X ray, of the worlds most remarkable individuals: Alexandra Von Furstenberg, Alexander McQueen, Amber Valletta, Angelica Huston, Anna Sui, Betsy Bloomingdale, Boy George, Bridget Fonda, Dave Navarro, Donatella Versace, Eartha Kitt, Francesco Clemente, Grace Jones, Hamish Bowles, Isabella Rossellini, Ivanka Trump, Jacqueline de Ribes, Juliette Lewis, Kate Moss, Lauren Hutton, Lauryn Hill, Marc Jacobs, Paloma Picasso, Penny Marshall, Polly Mellen, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, RuPaul Charles, Stephanie Seymour, Sylvia Miles, The Divine David, Tim Burton, Verushka, and many others.

World Literature

           Xenophon - Opera Omnia Expedito Cyri. Editor: E. C. Marchant

Xenia Hausner - Xenia Hausner: Heart Matters.
This book is like a greeting card from Berlin.
Through her unique approach, Xenia Hausner offers an insight into the hopes and dreams of the people she paints, enabling us to see them as figures with a past, present and future--revealing, in the process, the truths and paradoxes inherent in her life and ours.

  Peter Straub - Mr. X  X.gif (7161 bytes)  If you enjoy H.P. Lovecraft's and Ray Bradbury's stories, you'll love this contemporary tale of dark family secrets, ancient evil, and spooky old towns. Mr. Straub will have you turning pages and missing sleep. A densely-packed multi-layered plot, with literary jokes.

"MR. X marks Straub's triumphant return to the tale of the paranormal and supernatural ...  There are several scenes of utter, ghastly, hide-your-eyes horror; when Peter Straub turns on all his jets, no one in the scream factory can equal him. The plot is challenging, the characters are intriguing in their complexity, and the language is a delight." (Stephen King)

Ned Dunstan, a computer programmer whose 35th birthday is fast approaching, returns home to Edgerton, Illinois, as his mother, Valerie "Star" Dunstan, lies dying. Before Star (a jazz singer) dies, she tells Ned the name of his father and another name, Robert (Ned's twin). Robert is "Mr. X", a shadow, a doppelganger, who has mastered the Dunstan family trick of self-teleportation. Unfortunately, a psychopath who believes H. P. Lovecraft's horror stories are not fiction. Ned finds himself caught up in a web of murder and other crimes, not only in the present but also in the past. He is accused of crimes he couldn't possibly have committed; the dream that has troubled him since childhood of his shadow pursuing and threatening himedges ever closer to reality; and reunions with his Illinois relatives turn up evidence that he may have been the son of Edward Rinehart, a mad writer of supernatural fiction himself descended from a family cursed for its dalliance in slave-trading and witchcraft. Ned's old aunts, whose remarkable gifts include telekinesis, frustrate his search for knowledge, partly to protect their own secrets and also to shield him from the mysterious and omnipresent force that seems to dodge his every step. Ned is aided in his efforts to discover the mysteries of his birth by his twin Robert, and also by a lovely young woman, Laurie Hatch...

Microsoft Office Standard Student and Teacher Edition 2003

franc'O'brain & Transputer Qasar. 2005.