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            Quantum Philosophy: Understanding and Interpreting Contemporary Science
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            Quid Pro Quo: Study in the History of Drugs


  Quit Monks or Die! by Maxine Kumin

The setting is Montandino, California. This small desert town depends on the Grayson Research Laboratory for its economic well-being. In this little kingdom, Chief of Police Diego "Digger" Martinez is the Eagle, and Dr. Harold Baranoff is the King. Brought in to revitalize the Graysmith Lab, Dr. Baranoff has moved into primate experimentation with a single-mindedness that's attracted the well-publicized opposition of animal-rights activist Carla Strombaugh and the terrorists calling themselves the Mercy Bandits. He's found dead one Easter, soon after receiving an anonymous threat: "QUIT MONKS OR DIE!'' As monkeys disappear, affairs are revealed, and corpses are discovered, Maxine Kumin nimbly switches points of view among a circle of likable characters.

Pulitzer poet Kumin has dispensed with lyricism in her first murder mystery, but her love of animals, which permeates her poetic works, is present in full force as the impetus for this neatly plotted tale.


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Starring: Nick Nolte, Mike Brennan, Armand Assante, et al.
Director: Sidney Lumet
Edition Details: DVD
Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only)

Gritty, graphic, well-acted story. Lumet scripted from Edwin Torres's novel.
A legendary New York City cop with a short fuse attempts to cover up a cold blooded shooting as self defense. With key witnesses dying off left and right, the investigation by the Assistant D.A. reveals a secret about the cop and his unorthodox methods. The noose is being tied, but on whose neck will it come to rest?

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