Neil Young: Reflections in Broken Glass by Sylvie Simmons


                                                 Shakey: Neil Young's Biography by Jimmy McDonough

                                                 "You can't go along from people to people, place to place, creating, changing, without hurting a lot of people.
                                                 How can you do that? Can you think of an answer? I think I'm going a good job--even though it's painful sometimes."

Neil Young, the Rolling Stones Files: Compendium of Interviews, Articles, Facts

                                                                                                 Neil Young Harvest Moon: For Guitar

A Dreamer of Pictures
: Neil Young the Man and His Music.Dreamer

                                                                                                 Neil Young: Unplugged   Paperback, 100pp. Warner Brothers Publications

Neil Young Complete Vol 2...


Neil Young: In His Own Words In His Own Words


Neil Young: Don't Be Denied: 'the Canadian Years'

In 1966, an aspiring singer-songwriter drove a battered funeral car 2000 miles from his native Canada to Los Angeles, California, to seek his fortune in the music business. Thirty-five years later, Neil Young is still going strong, the survivor of an astonishing career which has taken in Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, numerous collaborations and 30-plus solo albums. Featuring new and previously unpublished interviews with close friends and musicians, this Mojo Book provides new insights into Young's music, shedding fresh light on his family life, behind-the-scenes relationships and health problems. It also uncovers new facts about his friendship with "The Wizard", aka murderer Charles Manson, and closely examines his schizophrenic 1980s output and musical return to form as Godfather of Grunge in the 1990s.

Sylvie Simmons - Neil Young: Reflections in Broken Glass